Friction screw presses

Friction screw presses

The design of the FTB friction screw presses can be customised to meet the customer’s needs.
The structures can be made of composite steel or spheroidal cast iron, or made entirely of electro-welded frames.
The structures are assembled using hardened and tempered steel tie rods.

They operate according to two different kinematic systems:

Traditional (CF range) with roto-translational motion of the flywheel and screw
With mobile bushing (CM range) with rotational motion of the flywheel and screw, combined with translational motion of the screw nut joined to the ram.

The control discs can be integrated or independent for more accurate control during the up and down stages.
The ram stroke and size of the work area can be specifically designed to meet the machining requirement.

Parameters such as stroke, power, number of blows, etc. can be easily set and adjusted from the electronic control panel to optimise the performance and consumption of the press.

FTB friction screw presses combine the advantages of hammers and eccentric presses with the added benefit that they offer a considerable degree of power (to perform the same amount of work, an eccentric press about 1.3 times greater would be needed, or it would take more than twice as many blows with a hammer), numerous possibilities of adjustment options and are based on a simple construction design.