Hot working of metals dates back to 1200 BC.

pressa spoleto

F.T.B. was founded in 1979 by three founding members and operates in the field of hot and cold molding machines.

Thanks to the experience acquired the following machinery subsequently became part of the company’s standard production range: automatic deburring machines, bulk loading machines for small and large parts, bar loading benches, automatic hot molding lines for parts in steel, brass, aluminium and its alloys and special equipment.

Over the last few years F.T.B. has become well established in the field of engine valves, bolts and nuts, pinions, shafts and the design and construction of specific electrical upsetters.

We are located in the province of Novara, but F.T.B. operates all over Italy and abroad, from European countries (Switzerland, France, Portugal, Poland, Greece, etc) to the rest of the world (Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, etc) providing assistance with installation of the machines supplied and training personnel in their use and operation.

Thanks to a partnership with the most respected companies in their field, the know-how acquired by F.T.B. means that customers can rely on them for the care, attention to detail and precision of their work and, above all, their ability to meet their customers’ every need.


Our machines

Thanks to the expertise acquired in our walk in the mechanical sector and our extensive fleet we can offer turning and milling, precision for all fields and for small batches.

Our fleet is made up:

  • 6 horizontal lathes with measures max. Ø 1200 x 4000
  • 4 milling machines with max fields. 4000 x 900 x 1700 h
  • 2 surface grinders measures max. plans 2000 x 900
  • Drills, saws and tke frame building area


Some examples of our production